Lots and lots of gulls at Smithville Lake (Clay Co.). The lake is  
completely open now except for a few small patches of ice and/or slush  
in the coves. There are good concentrations of gulls in these  
locations. Mostly Ring-billed Gulls with about 10% Herring Gulls. It  
would have been interesting to watch the roost tonight. I doubt I  
looked at 1/4 of the birds on the lake.

At 3 p.m., I observed a first-cycle THAYER'S GULL way back in the cove  
at Sail Boat Cove (east of the sailboat slips). Great light, watched  
it for about 20 minutes on the ice and in flight.

Also of interest, one male WOOD DUCK swam through the background while  
I was studying the Thayer's Gull. A single adult TRUMPETER SWAN was on  
the main body of the lake, observed from the dam.

A group of 29 CANVASBACKS were at the "Magic Pond" (SE corner of 188th  
& F Hwy). I just stopped and listened to them vocalizing -- something  
you don't get to hear when they're usually half a mile away in a mixed  
flock on a big lake.

Gotta say it: "Beautiful day to be out!"

Kristi Mayo
Kearney MO (Clay Co.)
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