I have been bemoaning the scarcity of birds around my yard, and actually out "in the field".  Today I did a short practice run for the GBBC this weekend. 
  I saw:
    a cardinal pair sharing food,
    a downy woodpecker pair at feeder together,
    a red-tail hawk out over Grant's trail ( and the bird squawking started up)
    Eurasian tree sparrows,
    house sparrows,
    European starlings,
    white-throated sparrows,
    dark-eyed juncos
    American goldfinches
    house finch pair
    mourning doves     
  Short a few regulars, but good to have a raptor.. especially that does not feed from my yard.  I know, you're thinking.. well that hawk could take a few starlings, but, those starlings are really beautiful this time of year. 
   Also seeing the pairing and much more birdsong. 
 Jane Allen
  St. Louis County
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