The shrike continues at the trail in St Charles County, maps at

Encouraged by David B. who had seen it just before me, went out there with
scope on shoulder. I knew enough that binoculars might not be enough.

Local info tells us that it frequents the field between the multiflora rose
row and Highway 94.

There were some hunters out there, so its first appearance was brief. From
the gravel road at 48x, 65mm scope, I could not even see the mask very well.
Went about 2/3 way down the multiflora row on the highway side. It made a
second appearance. At the North end of the field it stops at a few of the
bigger trees, a minute or two at a time. Enough to scope it...stretching
again the limit, as my scope gets dimmer past 45x. I will not list ID marks
but Kaufman was better than Sibley for me.

Happy birding in the snow, watch for hunters.

PS On Martin Luther King day, found two bobcat at the edge of Busch Wildlife
headquarters parking lot. Some sort of hissing interaction going on. Mating
season is in February.

Esa Jarvi
St. Louis County West.

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