Hello All,

For all of you that were still wanting to see the Common Redpolls at my
house (or even the neighbor's house down the street) in St. Louis County,
they appear to have moved on.  They have not been observed since Wednesday.
If I am wrong (someone saw them and has not told me), please let me know.
If they show up tomorrow, I will be sure to let the list know as soon as I
see them.  But until then, I think it would not be worth the stop at my
house...  Unless of course you are volunteering to help me paint (just

Regardless, this seems to be an exceptional year for Common Redpolls as well
as White-winged Crossbills!  There has to be more White-winged Crossbills in
Missouri than the one in the northwest.  Get out and check those spruces.


Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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