Hi St. Louis birders (and others, too),

Indeed we're fortunate to have people who go out in cold, locate
birds, tell us about them and write directions or even post photos of
maps for us.


Now, a thought.  Are you folks aware that we have a feature on the
ASM website (www. called:  A Birders' Guide to Missouri
Public Lands?

It is a compilation of directions to and features of public lands
from a birding perspective.

All birders are welcome to add to it.

Take a look at what is there, so far (its in the banner heads, third
from the left "BIRDERS' GUIDE"
and consider contributing to it.

Just think how useful it can be.  St. Louis folks won't be constantly
inundated with requests for directions to places in their bailiwick
if they are in the guide.  Same goes for other places around the state.

This is a work in progress, a cumulative thing that all can
contribute to.

Please look at current contents and consider writing up a favorite
place or two.  Entries will appear on the website; some will also be
in ASM quarterly, The Bluebird.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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