It is a birder named trail (NOT an officially named trail) that is part of
the Weldon Spring Conservation Area in St. Charles co., adjacent to August
A. Busch CA.
See MDC map

Directions to "Blue Grosbeak Trail" (BGT)
From West St. Louis co. go west on Hwy 40/61 over the Daniel Boone Bridge
(over MO River) into St. Charles co.
Take the exit for Hwy 94/August A. Busch CA
Turn left (west/south) onto Hwy 94
After the next stoplight within a few tenths of a mile, there will be a
parking lot on the south side (left side) of Hwy 94 that is lined with LARGE
ROCKS. ALERT: It can come up on you quickly and watch the traffic here (!!)
so be aware.
This is the parking lot for the Blue Grosbeak Trail.
Believe on the MDC map the black square next to Fire Lake is this parking
The BG Trail starts at the large orange gate.
(I do not know the official name of this hiking trail)

If you pass the Howell Cemetery at the intersection of Hwy 94 and Hwy "D"
(that goes to Busch CA) you have gone too far.

Think the Northern Shrike was being seen in the general area at the top of
the first hill in the field to the left along a multi-flora hedge.

Hope this helps.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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