My yard has been pretty peaceful lately.  Today, there was a lot of activity, though no obvious conflict.  I was home all day, watching from inside. Lately, I have been trying to keep track of the birds through pictures, which sort of keeps me from just watching. So today , I just watched.  Of course, the deep snow was lovely. 
     I had many dark-eyed juncos,, naturally , the snow birds. and they do show up nicely in the snow. In fact all the birds are gorgeous in the snow.  I had not put out any peanut butter ( although there is some commercial suet), so  the carolina wren was at the sunflower feeders. It seems to have found a hiding place behind some debris near my back outside wall. In fact, many mourning doves are also near the area where the outside wall meets the ground (with some leaf litter ). Hmm. wonder if I am losing some heat there. 
   One of the goldfinches is starting to get a bit brighter yellow on the breast. Someone had written about house sparrows mating. Not happening in my yard so far.  I had more house finches, maybe three pairs and they are still preferring sunflower seeds.
    I am really pleased that the mockingbird is comely daily now. It drinks and drinks, although today with all the snow, I didn't see birds drinking from the heated water. There was some unusual markings in the snow near the birdbath.. like fluttering wing prints, fairly large, so wonder what?  And still no raptors.. Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up and I had three raptors that weekend last year.  We will see. 
   Tomorrow, regular life will begin again.  It was nice, this respite. Makes one wonder why we go out in all that traffic and noise .... I guess because we, or I, don't live off the land. But come retirement who knows..
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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