I spent late afternoon yesterday and much of today X-C Sking at Poosey CA, Livingston Co. Cold but very peaceful and quiet now that most of the hunting seasons have closed. Enjoyed seeing some birds too, both while on the skis;
 Saw a Loggerhead Shrike and a Northern Mockingbird in same place - but at different times, and different day. Flock of 75 Am. Robins flying to roost Sunday eve. Flock of 250 Cedar Waxwings in same area today.  Flock of 200+ RW Blackbirds feeding in old sunflower field. Horned Larks landing in another sunflower field. Heard Lapland Longspur fly over but never saw it. Pileated Woodpecker flying across open snow covered landscape. Northern Harriers hunting over the area. Many other usual Winter birds.
and from the vehicle; 
  Short-eared Owls were out early - saw two flying around when I got out there at 4:30 pm yesterday and two were sitting on or near a gravel road at 3pm today. A female Northern Harrier was sitting on the ground in a field nearby. At a different area saw a Rough-legged Hawk sitting on the ground and another flying around in the background. 
 May have to head back out somewhere? tomorrow.
Good Winter Birding,
 Steve Kinder
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