Hello all,

I was stoked to see a male COMMON REDPOLL at my front yard feeder this morning (January 25).  On top of that I had my winter high count of Pine Siskins today (16).  However, while talking to a friend of mine on the phone I noticed I had two COMMON REDPOLLS at the feeder.  Later, the Malones showed up and said they saw three COMMON REDPOLLS.  I have not been able to top the Malones yet today - But I did just see the male and two females at the front yard feeder.  So, there are certainly three!  For those interested in seeing these birds, you are more than welcomed to pull up and check out the feeders at 420 North Clay Avenue in Ferguson, MO - There are two thistle feeders hanging from a Dogwood in the front yard, they can easily be seen from the street parked if you are parked in front of my house.

Oh,mapquest should be able to get you here.


Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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