We started at the horse farm north of Earth City where we had Great Tailed Grackles and then went on to REDA.  Highlights there included a first year Thayer's Gull at the spillway, Tundra Swan and Black Duck at Heron Pond, and Cackling and White-fronted Geese at Teal Pond.  It was so cold and windy that we went to Carondelet Park to look for the Merlin.  We drove around without seeing it and stopped by the boathouse.  Roseann then spotted it sitting in a tree right beside the road behind us.  It sat there giving us excellent looks.  We then went on to Powder Valley and watched the feeders.  There were lots of birds including Pine Siskins and Purple Finches.  There was also a Red-tailed Hawk that perched on the feeders and kept the birds very alert.  At one point after the hawk had kept the birds away from the feeders for a while and then moved away, there were about thirty Cardinals at the feeders.
David Becher
Saint Louis

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