Steve, I am so glad you reported this!  I also live Independence, and  
yesterday I had the same thing happen at my feeders.  The suet feeder  
is about 3 feet from my nyger feeder.  When I saw I yellow bird grab  
a bite from the suet feeder, my instant thought was "I need to check  
the nyger feeder, as the ports must be clogged."  When he came around  
the second time, I had enough of a view to realize he was too small  
to be a goldfinch.  Pine Sisken first popped into my mind as I know  
they have made it to Indep. The bird did an amazing hover act for  
about 2 seconds in front of the suet feeder.  It never dawned on me  
it could be a Pine Warbler.  I will now be watching both feeders  
closely today, with N.G. in hand. Thanks for reporting this!

Linda Byrd
Independence, MO

On Jan 7, 2009, at 10:54 PM, Steve Phillips wrote:

> Had my first Pine Siskin on my feeders this morning.  Also, just  
> happened to be watching the feeders when what I initially thought  
> was an Am. Goldfinch flew to my suit feeder grabbed a piece and  
> flew off.  I could tell something was a little off about it and  
> right before it flew off it turned and looked my direction and gave  
> me a view of a long bill.  The whole sighting was only for 2-3  
> seconds and it wasn't until after he flew off that Pine Warbler  
> popped into my head.  Looking at the N.G. made me even more sure  
> that's what I saw.  Hopefully, he'll come back.
> Steve Phillips
> Independence, Mo.
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