St. Louis area. Carlyle Lk. Clinton county IL.
Here a Thayer's showing the classic* large apical spots bridged across by the white tongues of next primary.  The "zebra stripes" or "white dumbbells" across the sooty black primary extension: (*gentle look; round head; dark eye; bright legs)
flight showed very little black on the tips:
second looks show the grey tone lighter than or at best equal to Ring-billed:
here with a Lesser Black-backed and Ring-billed it really stands out as light:
the pics stop the action and we can see the primaries.
P10 white tipped: P5 unmarked:
here a RMBS Thayer's from 1-13-09: P10 mirror: P5 "w" mark
todays gull's pattern of white fits Kumlien's:
here a RMBS Thayer's from 1-2-09. P10 mirror: P5 "w" mark
If you grey-out the wing tips this gull would rate Kumlien's.
Bill Rudden
St. Louis
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