This morning (before the cool down started) I first went over to 1707 Jones to see if I could get another look at the White-winged Crossbill. No Joy! But there were plenty of PINE SISKINS so the trip was not in vain. I met a short while with Brent Galliart and he said he had seen the crossbill come to the water for a drink yesterday.

From there I headed down to the stockyards & oxbows. The White-winged Dove is still down at the stockyards, but it takes a little searching to find him. You have to try to sort through any and all Eurasian Collared-Doves you come across. When I did finally see her/him this morning it decided to take off in a north by northwest direction and seemed to end up at the K & M Elevators.

The only waterfowl I was able to find this morning (besides the thousands of Snow Geese and Canada Geese) was one Ross's (with the Snows) and seven Common Mergansers on the Missouri River.

I observed four Bald Eagles (two adults and two immatures) around the oxbows.

I found about ten Yellow-rumped Warblers picking around in the scrubby lakeside vegetation and cattails.

Also managed to find about 30 Lapland Longspurs picking around with some Horned Larks in harvested bean fields.

Also picked up two "year birds", Swamp Sparrow and Harris's Sparrow.

Larry Lade
Saint Joseph, MO
gcrownkinglet AT yahoo DOT com
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