While scoping the gulls at Long Branch Lake (Macon Co.) today
(01/04/09) around 2.00 pm from the dam I noticed a gull with a darker
mantle with its head tucked. I went down to the shoreline and  got
good looks at this gull both on the ice and in flight. It was an adult
LAUGHING GULL. State bird for me!!! I took some pictures that are in
this gallery:

Here are the individual links to the gull shots:

Other creatures of interest:
Patrick Harrison with the family:-)
Several herring gulls (both adults and immatures)
Common mergansers
Hooded mergansers
Common goldeneyes
Bald eagles (3)

I will submit the documentation fro the LAGU to MBRC ASAP.
Good birding,
Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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