A few of us got together to start off the new birding year on a cold sunny day.  Places visited:
St Louis County: E Screech Owl perch Woodlawn and Manchester Rd 3 times, Algonquin CC Berry Rd Merlin spot, Hwy 370 Horse Farm grackle location,Columbia Bottom (CBCA) 
St Charles County:
Church and Seeberger Rd Angus "Farm", Portage Rd, Portage des Sioux, Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary (RMBS)
Due to poor planning and communication on leader's part suffering from caffeine overload, list is short -- apologies to group..
Canada Goose - lots
Cackling Goose - one or two probable
Trumpeter Swan - 6 by one car (adult and cygnet life bird for Sully)
Mallard - enough
Canvasback - nice flock at RMBS
Scaup species
Ruddy Duck - 1 spotted by Sully at RMBS
C Goldeneye
Gt Blue Heron -several at Portage and RMBS
Bald Eagle - increasing numbers Portage, RMBS, 1 or 2 at CBCA
N Harrier - male spotted by Sully at RMBS
Red-tailed Hawk - several incl pair hunting along Church Rd and pair perched near CBCA
                          entrance found by Paul Brockland's car
Am Kestrel - several individuals along roads
Ring-billed Gulls - lots especially at Portage and RMBS
Herring Gull - several mixed in
Rock Pigeons of course
Eurasian Collared Doves at Payne Rd
Mourning Doves here and there
E Screech Owl - last bird seen on way back thanks to Jane Allen's call (Sully's 1st in daylight)
Red-headed Woodpecker - at Portage des Sioux across from park
Blue Jay
Am Crow - guessing at least 30 congregated at Portage plus scattering elsewhere
Horned Larks - small flocks here and there along roads and at CBCA
Am Tree Sparrows - CBCA
Song Sparrow - CBCA
House Sparrows - tree full in Portage
Brown-headed Cowbirds - Angus Farm (poor substitute for missing GT Grackles)
E Starlings - flocks
Am Goldfinch - feeders at CBCA
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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