Am 27.01.2009 um 23:14 schrieb Nancy Gish:

I repeat what I said before.  He is concerned with defining how women should respond to him.  That he hit his wife does not seem to enter in.  How easy it would be for any woman to say that all she wanted was that a man be gentle when she felt kindly. That he thought women should not have orgasms would be a joke if it were not so damning.
Read that horrible poem about figs.  "It was always a secret./ That's how it should be, the female should always be scecret."  Secret from whom?  Who decides?  Why is he telling women what to be?
On snakes, he's brilliant.

Thanks, Nancy,

for a healthy laugh  -- "On snakes, he's brilliant", priceless.... Not on figs though..;-)

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back from his downtown watering hole, 
picked up this somewhat uncouth one liner:

What's Kentucky Freud Chicken?
Motherfuckin' good!