I looked though the link supplied by Scot. Diana reposted quite a few TSE posts, which then generated discussion on her list, some of it quite critical of the original poster. But by having the posts on a second list, the original poster did not get a chance to defend themselves. For example, the translation of "Dans le Restaurant" by Professor Ingelbein is ridiculed on Diana's list:



Just get rid of that awful Inglebein translation. Get the comma in where it belongs, "il est venu, nous peloter, un gros chien"--like that. "Le fait est dur. Il est venu."

There's no bestiality here, only human sexuality for which we human changelings, neither one thing nor the other, not even properly incarnate, if at all, turn to the companionable animal world for metaphors.

Please pass that on to your group. Please tell them there was no literal dog getting his thing off on these children!

That's important--it's such a travesty. Get rid of Inglebein once and for all.




If Christopher had posted this on the TSE list, at least Professor Inglebien (or one of the rest of us) could have defended the translation instead of just letting the ridicule stand. That's very unfair to Professor Inglebien.

-- Tom --

Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 00:15:22 -0500
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Subject: Off topic: Reposting TSE posts
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Looks like TSE list member Diana Manister has been reposting TSE posts and adding comments like "I was waiting for a response from that list, but they as usual have gone off on a tangent. . . "



For more Diana posts (and reposts), follow this link:





From Diana's 10/11/2008 post:

Dear C, a thousand pardons for hurting your feelings. I did post your translation of those lines to the TSE listsrv, giving you credit of course. I did think your translation stressed the sex act more than other translations; this is appropriate to Eliot, because he always writes about sex as vulgar and tawdry. I think your translation is excellent.


I was waiting for a response from that list, but they as usual have gone off on a tangent about why the Phlebas section was appended to "Dans Le Restaurant," and how it relates to Phlebas in The Waste Land.



From Diana's 10/19/2008 post:

. . . the discussion got heated. The French connotations for "peloter" were hurled around in rages on the list, with several members insisting that Eliot saw sex as animalistic, and citing other poems and writings of his to substantiate that claim.

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