Am 19.01.2009 um 09:17 schrieb David Boyd:

Have to be very pleased and hopeful indeed for America [and indirectly for my own and for all our futures  and for all of we apparently despicable,.derisive 'Europeans' ] upon  noting  these landmark events in your country's history, but think it's casting the first stone most presumptously and potentially offensively considering just where and when this great distance so bravely and honourably  travelled started from. Judging people and events of yesteryear with the hindsight of today's cultural norms and morality is usually a very  pointless and ultimately hypocritical  pastime but nevertheless think it has to be noted that some events concerning genocide, slavery and arpartheid are I think more than a little too recent in your own  history books ever to justify this  rather crowing, 'holier than thou' stance you appear to be adopting towards 'Europe', Kate.  
And  we're in Dickensian mode, perhaps a few doses of Uriah Heep might help us all !
Sorry to be so well OT, and can only plead extreme provocation. 

Well roared, lion!

And thanks to Nancy for enlarging my vocabulary with "Podsnappery" -- I admittedly had to look it up.