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Dear Kate,
I'm sorry to say that I think the consequences of your first message remain.  It is not the case that one can just "move on" and not address real issues.  In this case, I wish to dissociate myself not only from the first comment about Europeans but this later blaming of innocent civilians for being bombed.  I doubt that anyone would be simply philosophical if Iraqis were bombing us for occupying their country and killing many thousands while destroying their infrastructure.  We are left with the consequences of a war over "WMDs" that never existed. 
I do agree that none of this was appropriate anyway.  But podsnappery is never appropriate.

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They have the right, Carrol, but people must also accept consequences for exerting their rights.  They decided to elect a terrorist group to lead their country.  The results of that decision is awful, but they need to look to themselves for their current situation. I have the right to be rude to my neighbors, but should I then be moaning to the world that my neighbors reacted with superior rudeness and won't talk to me and invite me to their parties.  The world, by the way, did have a little sympathy for them until they elected Hamas.
We American also had the right to elect a youngish, intelligent black man to be President of the United States and we did so.  So, let's end this discussion with the good that going on this week in the world.
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> Nancy Gish wrote:
> There is clearly no point in discussing this because there is too much
> history to address.  Gaza was isolated and poor before they elected
> Hamas.

Indeed, it is hopeless to discuss this issue in the U.S. If Americans
were to read the Israeli press itself they would have a much better
understanding than they get from the u.s. pres or from u.s. politicians.

Gaza, incidentally, is the most thickly populated area on earth. I
gather that Kate has denied the right of the palestinian people to elect
their own government, and asserted that they must only elect governments
that meet the approval of the same people that refer to Arabs as