It's not just the 13 soldiers, Nancy, but the 20 Israeli teenagers in the pizza parlor who Carrol refused to acknowledge and the hundreds of other victims in Israel of Suicide bombers. 
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That there are two sides to every story-- if between only two positions/ there may be any number of sides--does not mean that both are right or even equally valid or both ok in any sense.  The Hamas missiles are undoubtably wrong, but the utter disproportion between 1000 (mostly civilian, largely women and children) dead in an area where there is no place to escape and 13 soldiers is grotesque and no longer an issue of who was right or wrong first.

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I can't believe that you truly believe that there is only one side.   In every conflict, in every divorce, in every fight between friends in a bar, there are two sides, even when one of those friends is 6'2 and the other 5'8, when the 5'8 man kicks the 6'2 man in the balls and the 6'2 man retaliates by punching him in the head to the floor.You need to open your mind and in this case, you need to read a book.  It's called Exodus by Leon Uris.
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> Carrol, It's just too one sided.

Some things have only one side, and to even suggest that there are "two
sides" to this ongoing massacre is very nearly a war crime in itself.