I was making the point that some Europeans put America down for its citizens being plebian and prim and god fearing(not the ones who have actually been to the United States and know otherwise).  I was talking with a tourist(lots of these in Florida), her first visit to America, and she was shocked.  She said that from the news back home, she expected all of the cities to be crime ridden and for Americans to be as portrayed back home (fat, loud, agressive), which was not the reality.  In fact, she told me that she couldn't believe how the women dressed in Florida(or rather didn't dress) and that the streets were so peaceful and the people so friendly.  I explained to her that America is a large country, that little towns such as our Island were perfectly safe, even at night, but that certain neighborhoods in large cities may be a little dangerous, though not as bad she was told. She replied that it was the same back home. I also advised her that up north and in the mid west, women didn't walk about the town in skimpy bikinis. ha ha.
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And I was just asking what point.  How many Black presidents have we had until this one? Why no women?  Who are we to boast at this point in history?

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Just making a point, Nancy. 
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Whatever point is there in making a joyous event into an opportunity for Podsnappery?
I want to dissociate myself from any such attitude and assure Europeans that it is not a general one.

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To all of you Europeans who put down America, could you tell me how many Black Prime Ministers or Presidents or Kings or Queens there have been in Europe?
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