There's a little contest going around in the press.  $100,000 for any photographer who gets "the" photo, him smoking a cigarette.  Too funny. 
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history is a pattern / Of timeless moments

So, while the light fails
On a winter's afternoon, ...
History is now and (US)


footsteps on the sands of time


Dear CR,

always impressed be your dignified contributions...

however, mine, as usual, is more down to earth:

Candidate Obama, sticking his Nicorette gum on the back of  Hillary supporter Mendez --
if he REALLY did (looks like it -- someone wrote: "where did it go?"), that wouldabeen be a gangsta thing to do!

Just imagine the little guy trying to get off his chair

Love him for it,
takes balls!

Har Har!!

At the very end, in the rear shot, you can clearly see the the wad on Menendez' right shoulder!
He did it all right --- Obama rocks!!