Am 20.01.2009 um 18:35 schrieb Scot Goodkin:

> Cox wrote:
> C> But Kennedy's claim to be a Berliner had its grim side:
> C> it was an implicit threat to blow up the world
> C> in 'defense' of Berlin
> Sorry Cox. Today we have the Internet so we can judge for ourselves  
> the ridiculous claims of the Far Left. You can't get away with it  
> any more.
> Here's the text of President Kennedy's heroic speech at Berlin. Let  
> me know if anyone on the list finds an "implicit threat to blow up  
> the world in 'defense' of Berlin".

Brash reply, Goodkin,
yet there is some truth in it.

And, later on, JFK handled the Cuban Missile crisis in an admirable