Gunnar got so excited his fingers seem to have wandered. Can someone
construe --


his innesotapeech

his inne?r? ot ?s?peech

Probably a reference to "Inaugural Address"???

I hope Gunnar is correct, but my own provisional prognosis is that Obama
will be the Herbert Hoover, not the FDR of our time. But then the
Depression ended thanks to WW2, not to the New Deal, which was far too
timid and conservative to get a grip on what was happening. Social
Security was merely a way of fending off the Townsend Plan. The Wagner
Act merely a way of diluting the gains the CIO was making by encasing
them in bureaucracy. If what is coming down the tracks is as serious as
it kind of looks, we need not to "control" entitlements (e.g. Social
Security) but to immensely increase Social Security, but change it to a
guaranteed pension paid from general reenue, not from a payroll tax,
which ought to be cancelled.