Carol, real sorry about your eye problems, but you don't know at all that  
smoking had anything to do with it.  When I worked as a Paralegal in  Naples, 
one of the secretaries (she was about 60) also was diagnosed with  macular 
degeneration and she never smoked.  I wasn't boasting about  smoking.  I was making 
fun of the Paparazzi for trying so hard to get a  photo of Obama smoking.
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can  barely see what I am typing. I could not begin to read any of
these posts  were I to print them out. I am currently paying a grad
student $18 an hour  to read to me a book which I feel I need as
background for a paper I am  writing for April's Left Forum in New York.
The reason is macular  degeneration. probably that is the result of
smoking from 1950 to 1990. I  stopped in time to avoid emphysema, but
apparently not in time to preserve  my eyesight.

I agree of course with Nancy's comment on Kate's post, but  wish to add
I'm curious why Kate finds the fact that she is smoking a  cigarette
something to boast  of.


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