*Rewriting (East) German Film Summer Film Institute*

The Fifth Biennial East German Film Summer Film Institute

*DEFA Film Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst*

*July 12-19, 2009*
2009 marks the twentieth anniversary of the end of the Cold War.  As its
ideological divisions and artistic legacies come into clearer
view,previously neglected aspects of East German cinema become
available to
critical reassessment as well - and with it, the concepts and methodologies
that have guided much of the scholarship on postwar German film.  In this
week-long seminar, we propose to focus on media historical and institutional
perspectives that until know have been neglected or ignored given the
continued preference for thematic and textual readings.  In so doing, we
also want to use the continued provocation of East German cinema to confront
a number of historiographical and methodological issues in the study of
postwar German cinema, including questions of periodization, institutional
continuities, conceptions of cinema as a public sphere, and film's
contribution to the audio-visual legacy of the twentieth century.

Organizing the seminar around a series of case studies, we hope to address
the following questions and issues:

* the historical continuities between Ufa and DEFA (e.g., Überläuferfilme)
* notions of film authorship and ideology (e.g., Wolfgang Staudte)
* DEFA as a production model and cultural institution (e.g., KASGs)
* the function of multimediality and intermediality (e.g., television,
* actors, stars, and issues of performativity (e.g., Manfred Krug)
* the relationship between film aesthetics and technology (e.g., ORWO film)

This week-long seminar brings together a group of 20-25 scholars from
various disciplines (German studies, film studies, history, art history,
social sciences, theater studies).  Our meetings will consist of a
combination of discussions and screenings; the screenings will be open to
the public.  There are plans to publish the seminar-related work of the
participants in an anthology.

General Information:  The Institute is open to faculty and advanced graduate
students.  More detailed information, such as housing, costs, schedule,
etc., will be made available on our website,  Please contact us if you anticipate that
financial assistance will be needed to make your participation possible.

Application Deadline: 15 January, 2009.  Notification by 15 February, 2009.

*Application*: Please submit a 2-3 page letter outlining your interest in
participating in the seminar, along with a curriculum vitae (and a letter of
recommendation, in the case of Ph.D. students) to all four organizers:

Barton Byg - byg(at) <[log in to unmask]>

Sabine Hake - Hake(at) <[log in to unmask]>

Larson Powell -
powelllar(at)<http:[log in to unmask]>

Sky Arndt Briggs - sky(at) <[log in to unmask]>

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