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Call for Papers: "Ich bin ganz in der Nähe" 
Ethnic minorities in contemporary Austrian, 
German, and Swiss Literature
GSA Conference, October 8-11, 2009, Washington D.C.
Literature can be a means through which 
minorities negotiate identity and subject 
positions. The representation of minorities in 
literature also creates a basis for communication 
between the minority and majority society 
regardless of the author's origin. In both cases, 
the author pursues emancipatory strategies and 
intends to represent members of the minority in 
their human wholeness thus deconstructing the 
stereotypes that impede cultural communication.

This panel seeks papers on longer established 
minorities in the three German-speaking 
countries. Possible topics are:

o	The individual and society
o	The group and society
o	Nationhood and nationality
o	Being an outsider
o	Discrimination
o	Cultural survival
o	Finding a voice
o	History and literature
o	Representations of a specific minority 
(Croats, Frisians, ethnic Germans, Jenish, Jews, 
	Roma, Sinti, Slovenes, second and third 
generation Turks etc.)
o	Theorizing the literary representation of 
ethnic and national minorities
o	Representation and literary genre

If you are interested in this panel, please send 
a 1 page abstract by February 1st, 2009 to:

Roxane Riegler
Emporia State University
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Hiltrud Arens
University of Montana
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