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>Subject: CGP for GSA 2009 "Houses and Domestic Space
>  in German Literature"
Proposal for a Session at the GSA 33rd Annual Conference
October 8 - October 11, 2009, in Washington, DC 

Houses and Domestic Space in German Literature

Houses are powerful objects that impact and shape an impressive range 
of personal and public interests. Providing for our most basic needs, 
offering both shelter and identity, and representing specific 
historical formations, houses virtually touch upon all aspects of 
individual and collective needs and organization. As an intensely 
emotional experience, a major financial investment and a material 
reality embedded in architectural, aesthetic and social traditions, 
houses and the domestic space they incorporate are of quintessential 
importance. Houses are also tied to issues of migration and memory 
for each instance of migration or displacement corresponds to a prior 
placement, however fraught or tentative, and studying this placement 
can complement our understanding of movements across time and place.

This session seeks to investigate through a broad spectrum of 
perspectives the representation, theory and critique of houses and 
domestic space, specifically their gendered connections in German 
literature from the 19th century until today. Questions to be 
addressed can include, but are not limited, to the following:

-	What role do houses play in (gendered) identity formation?
-	What are possible connections between domestic space and nationhood?
-	How have different discourses (such as feminism, anthropology 
or psychoanalysis) contributed to our understanding of houses?
-	In what ways has the boundary shift between private and 
public spaces affected the role of houses?
-	Which historical developments and changes can be identified 
in the representation of houses and domestic space?
-	In what ways has the memory of the house of childhood been 
(re) conceptualized?

Please send 300-word abstracts by February 10, 2009 to Monika Shafi 
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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716.

>Monika Shafi
>Elias Ahuja Professor of German
>Director of Women's Studies
>University of Delaware
>Newark, DE 19716

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