Hello All,
The Cannon count was held on yesterday on Dec 27th and to say the least, it was interesting. Before dawn there was lightning, inside the count circle it reached 70 degrees, there was over an inch of rain in the span of 4 hours, several tornado sirens and reports of funnel clouds from inside the count circle, but most important-hardy participants. Bruce and I would like to thank all of the volunteers that braved an intimidating weather forecast to help us count from points all over including- Columbia MO, Alton IL, and many from St Louis. We could not do this without all of their incredible effort and we thank each of them. With that being said, the count turned out to be much better than we anticipated with having almost all of the open water frozen (the exception was a few pockets on the river), the forecast of all day rain and storms, and the reality of most of the afternoon being a washout. The total as of now is 92 species, which is our 2nd highest total ever. There are still a couple of lists that may add a species or two but we do not expect many additions. This count was also significant because we added 5 new species to the overall count list-pending record committee acceptance. These were:
Common Yellowthroat-1
Chipping Sparrow-1
Great-Tailed Grackle-3
Incredibly, with having virtually no open water in the circle the previous day we set a record for waterfowl with 19 species including all 5 species of geese, American Black-Duck, Wood Duck, and a record number of diving ducks. Other highlights included:
Herring Gull-1
All 7 species of woodpecker including Red-Headed-109 (Highest Count), Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker-8
Golden-Crowned Kinglet-31 (Highest Count)
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet-3 (Highest Count)
Hermit Thrush-1
Brown Thrasher-1
Yellow-Rumped Warbler-6
American Tree Sparrow-800+
Field Sparrow-20 (High Count)
LeConte's Sparrow-3
Lincoln's Sparrow-2 (Highest Count)
Lapland Longspur-4
Rusty Blackbird-703 (Highest Count)
Brewer's Blackbird-20
Brown-Headed Cowbird-3032 (Highest Count)
Purple Finch-26 (Highest Count)
Again we would like to thank everyone who contributed on an interesting, wet, and ultimately productive day. Hope everyone has a great new year and will be able to help on the count next year!!
Good Birding,
Eric Schuette
Denver CO/Troy MO

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