I know quite a few people go to church on Sunday in search of TRUTH, but I went to Riverlands and found truth to be a simple equation: 7 degrees + 25 MPH wind = COLD. The first sub-truth == ducks and gulls and hawks are much tougher than me.

Riverlands is mostly frozen--the river is ice locked from the dam to as far upstream as I could see. Ellis Bay is iced over from the area behind the headquarters all the way to the dam. A few leads were open because the wind was blowing so hard it was moving the water and preventing ice from forming. The corner from the Fisca Station to the headquarters was mostly ice free and held a large number of feeding ducks and gulls.

A few birders ventured out and we found (cooperatively, and after appropriate discussion: perhaps photos will follow) the following adult birds: Glaucous, Iceland (maybe 2), Thayer's (at least 2) and Lesser Black-backed. LBBG was also represented by several sub-adults.

303 Trumpeters. A couple of Tundra. Increasing counts of Common Mergansers and Canvasbacks and Goldeneye.

One birder was sitting on his chair, scoping the river. He gets the tough guy award for the day.

I had some small flocks of Lapland Longspurs in rural St. Charles Co. on the way over in the morning. Others found birds at different locations.

Good Birding
Dave Rogles
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