Sorry for the late post Sent it to the wrong address, little late but probbly hasn't changed much except it's -5 degrees
Mark and I looked for the Snowy Owl and had no luck finding the owl late
this afternoon (12-20-08) on the way up to Bethany 1:30pm and on the way back
home3:00-3:30 pm. Snow and 15-20 mph  NW winds and 13 degrees may have moved
all the birds to the edge of the roads and the spilled grain may have

However Laura's mixed flock had greatly increased. Mark and I counted 2
seperate flocks. 1st group was on 146 on the second curve and the 2nd flock
was just east of the curve on ice covered gravel intersection of 260th and

Flock #1
Snow Bunting-5
Lapland Longspur- 25
Horned Lark-250

Flock #2
Snow Bunting 2
Lapland Longspur10
Horned Lark-75
Dark-eyed Junco1

If this flock would move South just 14 miles I could have these for feeder

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