The large crop stubble and plowed fields in the Missouri river plain near me are alive with large flocks of  what I assume to be Horned Larks.   I associate them with a kind of "choreographed" flight, with silvery flashes of their white bellies.  I don't have Lapland Longspurs on my Mo list, and would like to see some.  If they were to be in the flocks I'm seeing, how would they stand out?  Clearly they look quite different up close, but what about from a distance, simply observing those huge, restless seeming flocks?  Is their smaller size clearly evident?  Will they be randomly mixed in, or in their own flocks, simply sharing the same fields?  Am I going to have to zip up my coat and get out of my warm car and set up a scope?  Rats!

June Newman
Carroll County Missouri
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