Mark Robbins, Squaw Creek Xmas Count coordinator asked that the count results be posted. A total of 88 species were observed on the count, the fouth highest number ever. Last years count was 91.
Highlights were:

N. Goshawk - for those who want to try for this bird: it was seen in several places due east of Squaw Creek NWR in Holt County. T61N R38W Sects: 16 mainly in the area of the bend in the gravel road in the sw part of the section.

4 Merlins (all time high count) Keep looking in and around the refuge.
Marsh Wren
Common Yellowthroat
14 Fox Sparrows (all time high count)

Common Redpoll - seen and called in by tape; Location: less that a mile south of the Refuge headquarters along highway 159 there is a monument on the side of the road in the newly restored hillside prairie area. Park in the gravelled parking lot and access road ablout 100 yards to the south. There is a an open tall grass restoration area south of the parking lot and a wooded area with lots of fallen trees along the edge of the woods. From the parking lot walk through the grass to the edge of the woods. The redpoll was heard in the trees up in the woods and call down to within 20 feet of the observers who got about 15 minutes of closeup views.  I checked and played a tape in the spot later in the afternoon with no success. It may still be in the area but probably a long shot. It does tell us that redpolls are in Missouri this year so check closely all the goldfinch and siskins where ever you are, and maybe try a playback to see if you can pull a redpoll out of the flock.
Good Luck.
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