In Joplin...  the chickadees have always been my favorites..  was busy with errands today but spent most of yesterday in front of my fireplace & watching the feeder which is just outside the living room window.  It was a very busy day out there.  Lots & lots of Chickadees grabbing a peanut heart & "zipping" back & forth.  Also Juncos & Tufted Titmouse.  I previously lived in Crestline, CA, in the mountain area above San Bernardino, CA. and had a large variety of winter birds there.  I bought "peanut hearts" for them @ a local feed store there & it's a favorite of the Chickadees.  I was able to find some here @ Atwood's.  It's gotten a little pricey so have been putting out some in a small feeder that will accommodate the Chickadees and a couple of the other smaller birds that seem to like them so it doesn't get scattered.  If you haven't tried the peanut hearts you might want to give them a try... 
Mary Cottrell
Joplin, MO..
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