A Birders' Guide to Missouri Public Lands is a serially updated  
compilation of descriptions of public lands with site information  
from a birding perspective.

These descriptions are similar to the hunting/fishing oriented blurbs  
for each site in Missouriís Conservation Atlas and on the Missouri  
Department of Conservation (MDC) website. A Birderís Guide to  
Missouri Public Lands appears in serial form in The Bluebird, the  
quarterly journal of the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM), and as a  
frequently-updated cumulative set of entries on ASMís website,

The website guide has been updated today.  There are now more than 50  
sites on it.

To view the contents, go to the webpage, click on the third from the  
left item in the banner head.  Three options come up. The top one  
contains the first two paragraphs above and more.

The second gives entrance into the site information.  Note the county  
a site is in, then scroll to that county in the window provided,  The  
public land sites in that county will appear at the bottom of the  
screen (you may have to scroll down).

The sites with descriptions are underlined and highlighted.  Click on  
the site name to view the entry.  You may print out the entry for  
reference when traveling.  On line maps and brochures may be viewed  
and printed as needed for most sites, even if no birding  description  
is available.

The third menu item is "submit your guide."  It is hoped that you  
will consider writing a guide description for one of your favorite  

Please take a look at the Birders' Guide to Missouri Public Lands.   
We hope you find it useful.  We welcome suggestions for improvement.

Edge Wade, compiler, and Patrick Harrison, webmaster

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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