Hello MO-Birders-

The 4 Rivers CBC (Bates and Vernon Counties) was

conducted on December 14th and ended up with an

impressive 101 species despite extreme winds.


Mark Robbins reports the following highlights:


Golden Eagle

Prairie Falcon

Sedge Wren (4)

Marsh Wren (8)

Common Yellowthroat (2)

Unfortunately, none of these birds were located in

my parts of the circle- but here are a few personal


flocks of kinglets - 35 GC and 3 RC

Am. Pipit - 12

LeConte's Sparrow - 1

Lincoln's Sparrow - 1

Lapland Longspur - 74

Rusty Blackbird - large flock of 300+ birds

Other participants may be able to provide more details

and highlights.  :O)

Good Birding,

Matt Gearheart

Shawnee, KS

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