The Columbia Audubon sponsored Christmas Bird Count was held on Saturday
December 20. Assuming acceptance by the MO Bird Records Committee on two
species we're going to be documenting we saw 96 species. Considering the
winds, dropping temperatures and frozen water conditions we were pleased to
find a lingering Brown Thrasher and Lincoln's Sparrow. We speculated that
the invasive bush honeysuckle that now fills the understory of our woods was
feeding the probably record high counts of Cedar Waxwings and American
Robins.Biggest miss might have been the Wood Duck. Specie of highest count
was the Canada Goose. Oh yes, those species seen requiring documentation
were Carolina Chickadee and Sedge Wren.

Thanks so much to all our feeder and field participants. While it wasn't a
record setting count in terms of species seen it was a very good count,
followed by a delicious assortment of chili and desserts at our annual
dinner and compiling session.

Good birding! Susan

Susan Hazelwood
Columbia, Boone County, MO
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