Here is the link to the MO winter album with pictures of the Bethany
snowy owl that I took today (12/15/08):
White birds are very difficult to photograph, especially when they are
not close and the heat distortion is strong, but you can still tell it
was a very white adult male snowy owl.

The northern shrike photo has a story behind it. I was coming from KCI
to Kirksville last Wednesday (12/10/08) using the BDR via Swan Lake
NWR. 5 miles west of Sumner on Hwy 139 I saw a shrike on a wire. I
quickly snapped few shots, but before I put my binocs on it, the bird
disappeared. THe shrike looked dark to me and I assumed it was a
loggerhead, but today copying the files from the flashcard I saw the
shrike pictures and oops they are of a northern shrike. I am sorry I
have not reported this sighting earlier. The shrike picture (adult) is
in the same gallery as the snowy owl. Click on the thumbnail to pull
up the image.

Here is a link to my fall 2008 Missouri album:
I am hoping to upload the pictures from Isla Cozumel some time during
the Christmas break.
Good birding,

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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