Here's one I wrote when a Red-necked Stint was reported at Lake Contrary,
St. Joseph in July, 2002. It's been on the list before, but not since then.
For the benefit of beginning birders, a Red-necked Stint is a Eurasian
shorebird that is extremely rare in the lower 48 states and especially rare
in central states like Missouri. The species is not on the Missouri
checklist. There was no question that the St. Joseph bird was indeed a
stray. However, the MBRC decided that the documentation did not rule out the
possibility that the bird was an equally rare Eurasian shorebird called
Little Stint.


By what dint
does one deserve
a Red-necked Stint?

Hard work?
Long hours?
Blind luck?
Acute powers?

Or is a bird that rare
only there
by fervent prayer?

Beseech Divinity!
It takes an affinity
to reach Infinity
to end stint list virginity!

Bob Fisher
Independence, Missouri
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