Clark, I started birding in 2004 . I went intially to St. Louis Audubon bird walks and asked questions re: books. I won't note those books as other will reply to that.  However, I settled in with the WGNSS Saturday birding group (there is also a Thurs. am. group).
   Within a year, I got the idea re: the seasons and the habitats.  Yes, you can read about it, but you would have to read about each bird.  Following a group through all four seasons was a great way to learn.  I was most amazed at how the same species of birds keep turning up in the same places.. like David Becher's recent post re: the Great Tail Grackle in St. Charles Co.  It took me another year or so to find all those places on my own. 
   Actually,  most birding in this area is done in three seasons, mostly skipping summer. 
   I wish you a good adventurous learning experience.   
 Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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