I am looking for books, if they exist, that explain some of the finer points to birding, especially here in Missouri.  I have books that help me figure out what the bird is, but I am having a hard time, as a beginner, figuring out not only where to look for birds, but HOW.  I hear people say they go looking for owls.  Where, what time of day, what areas, etc.  I am finding that I either find the same type of birds over and over, or see no birds at all.  Maybe this isnt the right forum but would love to find a book that explains not only the species, but the habitat, time of year in state, what type of terrain to look for them in.  Also do most people sit and wait for the birds, or crawl over hill and through brush like I do.  Am I scaring away more birds than just finding a pond or berry patch and sitting with the sun at my back and waiting? 
Thanks in advance.  Any advice on books or just your experience would be appreciated
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