I don't have several hundred goldfinches, but I have a hundred perhaps, which is at least 100% increase over last season.  If the thistle sock gets empty, their numbers don't seem to decrease; they just move to the black oil sunflower seed.  There was an abundant crop of native annual  and perennial sunflowers in the area, but the heads appear to be stripped clean already.  Early November I had purple finches, but haven't seen them for awhile, nor the pine siskins who showed up for two or three days.  Juncos are fewer in number than previously--just AMGO's and lots of them!  I'm seldom seeing chickadees, regulars most winters.  One downy woodpecker eats my homemade, scorched peanut butter/ suet block.  The crows don't come to the feeder, fortunately, but I'm  seeing a noticeable increase in their numbers in the stubble fields and pecan trees over a year ago.   One of the resident bluejays does a remarkable redtail hawk imitation.  That scatters the AMGO's briefly. 

June Newman
Carroll County Missouri
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Carla and Mobirders -
Regarding your "lots of American Goldfinch" problem:
There is an elderly lady in Pineville, McDonald County, who
will discontinue feeding her "several hundred" AMGO due
to the prices.  (This is the place where the Northern Cardinal
with dark feather has been for a couple of winters).  Anyway
I went by there and "several hundred" is correct!  No
Pine Siskins observed at the time.   Good birding,  Larry H.  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.  
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