Dear MoBirder's,

   Has Anyone seen the ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD today...??? Michelle and I are 
going to be in St. Louis tomorrow and thought that we might try to go see it if 
it's still around... Anyone See it...???

Also, can anyone tell me if it will be Possible to see the EASTERN SCREECH 
OWL at Sugar Creek Nursery, in Kirkwood, MO tomorrow... I see on their 
Website that they are Closed on Sunday, but does that mean that the Shop is 
Closed, or the Whole Garden Area (ie. wherever the Owl is...), or would it be 
Possible to still See it without causing too much trouble...??? Any Help with 
this would be Much Appreciated!!!

Any other Birds of Interest being seen in St. Louis area...???

Thank You guys in advance for Any Advice or Inspiration!!! Thank You once 
again, Please Take Care.

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County

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