Larry, thanks for the correction on directions.  The CR241 direction was
taken off of an old map, and the numbering system has been changed now
making the CR61.  Greg Swick tried to find the bird yesterday morning with
no luck, I am pleased you located the guy.  I have some good pictures of the
bird, and anyone interested in seeing three of the better ones I would be
happy to forward them to you.

Charley Burwick
Greater Ozarks Audubon
Greene County
Springfield, Mo

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 7:01 PM, Lawrence Herbert <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> MObirders -
> I found Charley and his friends' Northern Shrike this Tuesday morning.
> 12-02-08.  Exact directions are:
> Eight miles north of Lockwood on hwy. 97 to E, then one mile
> west to County Rd. N. Dade 61, then 0.7 miles south.
> It was in the second brush pile of three on the east side of the
> gravel road.
> Interestingly of 10 Northern Shrikes in my 50 years of birding
> nine have been closely associated with brush piles.  Loggerheads
> have not been so closely found at brush piles and in fact are,
> to me, more prone to be away from them in the winter although they no doubt
> roost therein!
> This individual is an adult.  It has the classic narrow dark stripe
> behind the eye compared to Loggerhead, lighter overall on the
> cap, nape and back, compared to Loggerhead, slightly longer
> tail and a Loggerhead could "fit in" a Northern although it
> would be snug!  Bill only slightly heavier overall.
> Importantly this individual hovered for 20 seconds while searching for a
> prey item and, when flying, the wing beats were
> not so rapid an laborious as in our Loggerheads.
> Classic Northern. Dade County, sw MO.   Good eye Charley.
> Good birding,  Larry H.  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.
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