Update of various birds in the St. L area.

St. Louis co.
It was a NO SHOW at Lanny Chambers' house today.
He has "left the building" according to Lanny.

RMBS, ST. Charles co:
- female/imm BLACK SCOTER near the dam
- I was sure I had a 1st cycle THAYER'S GULL in the gull roost
Lot more ducks in Ellis Bay because ponds in the area are mostly frozen.
Wind and cold were absolutely brutal today, maybe Sunday will be better 
(less wind at least)

Columbia Bottom CA, St. L co.
Through the grapevine........
The Saturday WGNSS group had the NORTHERN SHRIKE again. It was hunting on 
the River side of the main road across from it's "usual spot" located near 
the curvy road sign.
Of course we did NOT re-find it.......Northern Shrikes seem to be the 
Malones' nemesis bird.

Borrow Pits/ Gateway Sand near Horseshoe Lake
THANKS to Rudden for alerting us. GOOD FIND Bill.
Jim got to see what he believes was the bird for a very short period of time 
just before most of the gulls were spooked by equipment being run at this 
business. .
Since the Landfill is closed on Sunday, don't know if there will be many 
gulls at the Borrow pits.
I am working from seasons past and do not know the gulls routine this 
I would imagine the gull roost might be good at Horseshoe Lake ......unless 
there are too many hunters.......??
OR this bird could show up at the Riverlands Gull Roost.
Be on the look out for it where gulls like to roost in the area.

Carlyle Lake
No birds to report, just a heads up.......
In years past there use to be NO waterfowl hunting south of Hazlet SP.
Now they can hunt south of that line. There is a hunter that hunts from the 
"handicap parking" area routinely and also there were hunters near the 
Saddle Dam area today. Needless to say, not much in waterfowl being seen in 
the SE part of Lake.
Also be aware of BOW HUNTING now being allowed in Hazlet SP.
PLEASE be cautious if walking around Hazlet. Get the hunter orange attire 

I don't know about the Screech Owl at the garden center.
That's all I can think of......

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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