I awoke to a nice dusting of snow, but not so many birds . I had been away for the four day holiday and I 'm sure the feeders were depleted.  So just now (9:15 am) , I look out to see what is gathering. A large flock of european starlings are on my patio, very energetic and poking around for goodies (I had thrown some seed on the patio to bring back the gang).   And the usuals also are there.  There's this one (can't say the same one) song sparrow that has been around since last winter ( and according to the discussion about ID, can't say anything??) . Fortunately , I'm not such a lister that it matters.
    I drove in from central Arkansas yesterday and to entertain myself, I tried counting the hawks (mostly red-tails) sitting as sentinels all along the delta areas.  On my way down on Thanksgiving Day, a sunnier day than yesterday, there were many.  As I entered Missouri yesterday, the weather was deteriorating and there were fewer.  I counted 25 in an hour, many fewer than I expected.  And, counting birds while hurtling through space at 70 miles an hour is a bit dizzying.  After 40 minutes my eyes were glazing over.   So I quit after an hour, noting that I wanted to "arrive alive".  
    I also saw in Arkansas many snow geese gathered in fields and long threads of them flying ( again, no reportable ID's there either).
    An update on the security of my feeders. They are now all tied to their poles. I just did not want to bring them in daily. 
   I 'm now off to see that Allen hummer, if it is still there and if it is what it is. 
Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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