This morning I saw the Northern Shrike in same area as last week. It was on refuge road just west of the Tuff Branch Hunting Club. This is the gravel road that runs along the north side of Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co. Mo. I did not get down to the area where Myrna and Doris saw the other one last week.
 Swan Lake pool was mostly frozen over this a.m. but there was still lots of birds there. I scoped from my vehicle from one spot and counted 53 Bald Eagles this time. I think that is the most I've seen from a single place. Still 30+ Pelicans hanging around but the Herons, Ducks, and Geese had at least temporarily got frozen out.There were though still hundreds of Ringbilled Gulls, and quite a few Crows feeding there also - and some shorebirds - 1 Wilson's Snipe, several Killdeer, and 24 Least Sandpipers. Pretty amusing watching those little guys scurrying around on the ice! 
 Huge flock of Snow Geese out on Silver Lake, but didn't get down close enough to see what else was there. Saw 50 or more Cedar Waxwings feasting on the Bush Honeysuckle berries along the main drive into the refuge. This plant is really taking over much of that part of the area. 
 Some Lapland Longspurs in the Locust Creek bottoms between Swan Lake and Pershing SP.
 Steve Kinder
 Livingston Co.
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