Found some decent birds today in the stubble fields on both sides of Hwy. A, north of Turney, MO. Lots of raptors! Looks like a good spot for a Snowy Owl to set up shop for the winter! 
PRARIE FALCON-1(took some good photos of this bird chowing some sort of unfortunate creature. A nice 10 minute close encounter! Bird was initially seen perched on the ground near the Hwy. A/Hwy. H junction, just north of Turney, MO. Relocated about an hour later on CR 320, .5 miles east of Hwy. A)
American Kestrel-4
Cooper's Hawk-1
Rough-Legged Hawk-1
Red Tailed Hawk-8 (got great pics of a western-type, intermediate morph)
Loggerhead Shrike-2
Shrike, sp-1 (seen diving from a power line on Hwy. CC, west of Holt, MO. Long-tailed and very pale grey overall; this bird sure had a Northern Shrike "jizz," but I was unable to get a second look)
Lapland Longspur-1 (with about 25 Horned Larks on CR 320, west of Hwy. A. There is a pulloff about .5 mi. west of Hwy. A, near the hilltop. Got good pics here)
This area could produce some more goodies(I have had Richardsoni Merlin here twice before)this winter and could be worked into a Smithville Lake trip. By the way 2-3 pairs of Upland Sandpipers are resident here during the breeding season.
I checked the pines at Wallace State Park this morning. Both Kinglets, Brown Creeper, 1 Red Breasted Nuthatch, and locals. No crossbills (I didn't get there until about 10:30am, though).
Bird With A Purpose,
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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