This morning at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge there were thousands of geese and ducks; Snow, Greater White-front, Canada and Mallard. I saw one Lesser Scaup and ~five American Coot. The geese and ducks were so packed together on the ice that I could not pick out any Ross's or Cackling's if there were any!

Everywhere you looked on the ice, on the Muskrat mounds, in the trees and in the sky were Bald Eagles. The tally on those was 300.

In the trees at the north end of the auto tour loop I watched a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers perching, feeding and flying in the woods.

December 6th (tomorrow) and 7th (Sunday) is Eagle Days at the Refuge. It will be congested! Today I went early, arriving at about 7 AM. As I was leaving the refuge bus load after bus load of kids from area schools were coming into the Refuge. The staff was expecting around 1000 of them to visit today!

Larry Lade

Saint Joseph, MO

gcrownkinglet AT yahoo DOT com

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