We missed the Allen's Hummingbird's 9am feeding visit at Lanny Chambers by 5 minutes, but with Lanny's help Rose Ann spotted him near his favorite perch in the bayberry tree and we scoped him until he flew over our heads and disappeared down the street.  It was a lifer for Paul and only the second for Richard, Rose Ann and me.  Mrs. Chambers said a neighbor had recently re-charged her backyard feeder and he may have gone there for brunch.
From there, we visited the Sugar Creek Gardens nursery (see David Becher's 11/29 report) and were rewarded with wonderful views of the Eastern Screech Owl sunning himself on the eaves with even his black talons covered by his fluffed-up feathers and his eyes closed.
On to Riverlands.  We didn't find Saturday's Black Scoter, but did see:
Canada Geese
Trumpeter Swans 70+
N Shovelers
Canvasbacks - many
Redhead - 1
Ring-necked Ducks - a few
Scaup species
Common Goldeneye - many
Red-breasted Merganser
Common Loon - 2
Horned Grebe - 1
Am White Pelican - 1
Great Blue Heron
Bald Eagle - 2 adults, 1 young
N Harrier - 1 or 2 (same bird twice?)
Red-tailed Hawk
Am Kestrel - 2
Am Coots
Ring-billed Gulls
Rock Pigeons
Mourning Doves
Am Crow
Horned Larks
Am Robins
Meadowlark sp.
Apologies for any unreported species that were seen by those in Richard Coles car.
It had been a cold but beautiful day out birding.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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